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CHAIN MASTER Wciągarka łańcuchowa Jumbolift BGV C1 udźwig 6ton łańcuch 18m
  • CHAIN MASTER Wciągarka łańcuchowa Jumbolift BGV C1 udźwig 6ton łańcuch 18m

CHAIN MASTER Wciągarka łańcuchowa Jumbolift BGV C1 udźwig 6ton łańcuch 18m


For heavyweights of all kinds ...

Video cubes and other heavy loads are the main application areas for JumboLifts. Depending on the load type and safety requirements, a variety of systems is available, ranging from simple contactor control through to systems with variable speeds and secure control according to IEC-61508 / SIL3. Additional fall-back systems guarantee operability in any event. Horizontal tracking systems are also feasible thanks to trolleys with contactor control or VarioTrolleys with positioning control. Data transfer via microwave instead of cable means that we can stage your project to the very highest technical standards.

  • Capacity as per BGV-C1 3000/6000 kg
  • Capacity as per BGV-D8 6000/12000 kg
  • Capacity as per VarioLift 3000/6000 kg
  • 24 VAC/DC Contactor Control
  • DIN 5684 Load Chain
  • Compact Design
  • Metal Chain Bag

PDF Jumbo Lift (252 kb)
(Pages 20 and 21 / Catalogue 2012)

Jumbo Lift

Products / Data sheets

max. speed
at 50 Hz
max. speed
at 60 Hz
Load chain in mm Weight w.o. chain
BGV-D8 6000 kg 1 5,6 + 1,4 m/min / 16 x 45 180 kg
12000 kg 2 2,8 + 0,7 m/min / 195 kg
Vario Lift
6000 kg 1 1,0 - 5,6 m/min 1,0 - 6,7m/min 190 kg
12000 kg 2 0,5 - 2,8 m/min 0,5 -3,4 m/min 205 kg
BGV-C1 3000 kg 1 5,6 + 1,4 m/min / 180 kg
6000 kg 2 2,8 + 0,7 m/min / 195 kg
Vario Lift
3000 kg 1 1,0 - 5,6 m/min 1,0 - 6,7m/min 190 kg
6000 kg 2 0,5 - 2,8 m/min 0,5 -3,4 m/min 205 kg


All informations are approximate only, mistakes and modification without further notice.

ChainMaster Jumbo Lift - The 12.000 Kilo Machine

ChainMaster of Eilenburg has been building lifting gear for theatrical and concert stages since 1990. U2, Paul McCartney and Metallica have all toured with ChainMaster lifts ? a particular favourite being the VarioLift, which operates with a degree of smoothness and precision that scarcely any other device can match.

Now ChainMaster has introduced the JumboLift, a powerful chain hoist for loads of up to 12,000 kilograms. Such a device is needed to cope with the ever increasing weight of loads such as the giant video cubes used in stadiums.

A case for ChainMaster's JumboLifts ? video cubes in ice stadiums.

The JumboLift comes in BGV-D8, BGV-C1 and VarioLift versions as well as in climbing hoist format. The possible load-bearing capacities range from 3,000 kilos for the single-stranded BGV-C1 version to 12,000 kilos for the double-stranded BGV-D8 model. For the JumboLift, an optional breakdown control system, an absolute value encoder and a load cell are also available.

Despite their high load-bearing capacities, JumboLifts are relatively compact, the housing measuring a mere 80 x 80 x 80 cm and the chain 16 x 45 mm. The device weighs between 170 and 190 kg without the chain, with a metre of chain tipping the scales at around 6 kilos and the container for a 30 metre chain weighing in at around 15 kilos. The container for the chain also comes in a low-noise version.

The JumboLift is already in use in Mannheim's SAP arena, where four JumboLift chain hoists with a load-bearing capacity of up to 6,000 kilograms bear the video cube. The ice arena in Düsseldorf boasts three JumboLifts, each of which is capable of hoisting up to 3,000 kilos, with a further nine ChainMaster BGV-C1 chain hoists in the same stadium carrying the nets designed to catch the puck.

Four heavyweights in the BGV-D8 class, which covers loads as high as 12,000 kilos, are used to position the video cube in the Ice Arena of Russia, Hodinskoye Polye; whilst in Quebec's Palais Montcalm Theatre, six VarioLifts, each capable of handling loads of up to 6,000 kilograms, are used to manoeuvre the acoustic sail. Since JumboLifts are invariably adapted to meet the requirements of specific applications, we are unable here to give any indication as to prices

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